• Getting Started

    At Kauai CrossFit there is a combination of expert coaching, finely tuned programming, and a supportive community that can help produce results at any level. Check out one of our intro classes to see what its about.

  • Visiting Kauai

    We'd love to have you drop-in for a WOD during your stay. Kauai CrossFit also has weekly rates available if one workout in paradise just isn't enough. Both Lihue and Kapaa locations are ideal for continuing your training while visiting Kauai.

  • Locations

    Kauai CrossFit Lihue and Kauai CrossFit Kapaa are both centrally located and easy to find while offering two different and unique settings. Come visit us in Kapaa on the idyllic Coconut Coast of Kauai or in Lihue, minutes away from the airport.

  • Contact

    If you have any questions, please fill out the contact form or contact Jerome directly at (808) 755-5446.

  • WODs

    Each "workout of the day" at Kauai CrossFit is designed to be extremely challenging, which can be slightly intimidating. Keep in mind, though, that a WOD will always be scaled to match the abilities of the athlete.

  • About Kaua’i CrossFit

    Kauai CrossFit was opened in 2010 in Kapaa as the first box on the island and continues to service a great base of local athletes while also constantly welcoming visitors. In 2013 we launched a full functioning warehouse style box in Lihue.

Video of the Week

Pretty cool promo film on CrossFit called "we're all in this together". If you don't know much about CrossFit this is a cool film to get you some info...if you know exactly what CrossFit is about this is also super enjoyable. Check it out.

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Guest List at Kauai CrossFit

Our most recent visitors. Thank you for stopping by!

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Julie P. and Andrew G. - CrossFit SanTan - Mesa, AZ
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Linnette M. and Rich C. - CrossFit Sayreville - Sayreville, NJ
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